Paul Briggs of Wirral, Merseyside


Paul was tragically and innocently killed on police duty as a result of a road traffic collison caused by a dangerous driver.

Rest in Peace

Paul left for a night shift with Merseyside Police and never came home.

Paul served and protected the public his entire life. He was born in Cyprus; RAF Akrotiri, joining the Army Cadets as soon as he was old enough. He joined the Royal Artillery at the age of 16, being posted to Northern Ireland & served in the Gulf War 1990/91, being one of the youngest there.  On leaving the Army with Exemplary Service & placed in the reserves he joined the TA before becoming a police officer (as his father and grandfather also did) in 2004.

He received 3 Army & Police medals and many awards and commendations. Aside from this, he made off duty arrests, was attacked in the line of duty and had 2 road traffic collisons in the execution of his duties; 2013 and also in 2014, on Mother’s Day of all days,  when he was run over chasing a stolen vehicle, sustaining injuries requiring hospital admission. We were terrified then that something awful would happen to him.

We were always grateful whenever he returned home to us from his work safe and well because we knew how proactive and dedicated he was and he always placed the public and safety of others before himself. He missed many Christmases, special anniversaries and our baby’s birthday because most special occasions he would be working. Even when not at work he was never ‘off duty’ – always helping people and dispersing or calming at risk situations. Paul proactively fought for, helped and protected people all of his life, it’s what he lived for.

I met Paul when I was a teenager and from that moment we became a couple and never broke up!  I was 20 when we got engaged and 23 when we married. We were blessed to have met and married so young. We didn’t have our daughter Ella Grace until 2011.

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